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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I had the weirdest delayed reaction to this post and I keep thinking about the idea that the knicks got fleeced. They got Carmelo Anthony! And the Knicks are playing pretty good basketball.

I think the better term is...the Nuggets did a great job getting anything at all, considering Melo didn't wanna be there and would have left the next season anyway.
I don't agree the Knicks got fleeced in terms of getting Melo. That said, Melo was tweeting photo-shops of himself in a Knicks uniform the season before. He wanted to go there and was definitely not going to stay in Denver. That the Nuggets go as much as they did, and that the Knicks had to pay for a guy that wanted to play with them no matter what, does make Denver at least appear more savvy out of the two. The Knicks didn't "lose" because they got a good thing out of the trade, but Denver really was able to make something good out of what should have been a no-win situation.
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