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Originally Posted by Lolad View Post
I know what I saw last season and I just provided statistics to back it up. Obviously if he graded out as one of the worst DE's (while also having the most playing time) he was being ran on consistently
You do realize he was paid to get sacks, right? He wasn't paid, at 5'11", to be a run stopper. And even with that, I am hard pressed to recall any time during last season when I wished we had someone else in there but him.

I can point to the stat that we ranked at the top in rushing defense. 3rd in YPG, and 2nd in YPA. So how much did that inferior run defense hurt us, at 13-3? Where were we getting run on consistently, and why don't the season numbers reflect that? We were second in yards per rush at 3.6, which would be alot higher regardless of the number of carries teams had against us if Doom was getting run on consistently.

I can also point to the fact that we led in sacks. But for the convenience of argument, everyone will overlook that tidbit of information because we have so many guys ready to step up and duplicate Doom's pass rush production, even though no one actually has proven they can. What is even funnier about those arguments is that they center around pass rush. I don't see too many people wiping their brow in relief now that we have (supposedly) much better run stoppers playing
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