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I loved Doom but I think he is highly overrated. He is much closer to a single digit a year sack guy than the 17 he got a few years ago. I don't think he will be missed as much as people think.
Apparently the FO didnt think he was overrated. They were willing to pay him 8 and when that didnt happen their next deal seemed better than the ravens. It's not a matter of the FO treating him like dirt cause they didnt. In today's NFL no DE is worth 12 on a team that has an elite QB contract. The FO did the right thing but doesn't mean he's overrated. It was obviously dooms idea to leave so nothing can be done about that. The point I'm making is right now the defensive pass rush is weaker than last year. Which puts pressure on the secondary. Going with what we have in ayers and Jackson won't do any good IMO. Just cause I say it's going to be weaker doesn't mean they still can't win. Some like to point out that I'm an idiot for thinking this. How absurd for me to assume the offense will make up for this loss!
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