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You're trying to change the subject. There have been a lot of posters claiming Doom was decent against the run.

There are a lot of factors that go into rankings as a team. Remember 06' when we were the #2 offense in the league? Can you honestly say we were that good?

We were ranked high against the run because we had leads in majority of games, rarely did we have to come back late. you cant play catchup in this league without throwing the ball.
Huh? They were ranked 21st in 2006. I don't care if dumervil is great or sucks at the run. I put him at just below average. He's not in there to sit at the line and wait for the RB. He's in there to attack the QB from the edge and force the RB inside. He's great at disrupting QBs his entire career. No ridiculous chart graph is going to change that.
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