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I'd rather keep Ayers as RDE, knowing that he provides nothing against the pass, and plan on generating pressure elsewhere than have Von spend more than a couple snaps at DE per game. As a RDE, Von will be a magnet for double teams. He is our best player, our scheme should be set up for other players to free him up, not the other way around.

Also, when Von moves to LDE and Wolfe moves inside, we are improving the rush from two positions. Von moving up to replace Ayers would improve one position, and get a turd off the field, I guess.

If Ayers has to start somewhere, it should be at LDE, where he was in 2011. My very favorite position for him, though, would be on the opposing team.
Why are you thinking 4-3 four man front and not Denver Bronco football? I'm suggesting Ayers starts at RDE and on passing downs he and Wolfe kick inside, Knighton and Vickerson out.. And in comes another DB and LBer.. So we are in our Nickel Package, where we spend most of our time in a 2-4-5 formation, instead of a 4-2-5 formation. Where Von and Collins for example could be moved all around instead of a situational pass rusher who comes from the RDE with his hand in the ground.
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