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Originally Posted by elibroncofan View Post
Dumervil's production was not as big as his 11.5 sack total would make it seem. Von already plays d end on passing downs so what's the difference? There's so much wrong with this post, it's silly.

Dumervil's production will be replaced fairly easily. His play was not far above the average at the position. The defense will be better next year without him. Just watch.
I'm not bitter over the loss of Doom, so I'm not sure where you get off with assuming I think the defense is in trouble. Rather I have come up with ways to make the defense more unpredictable and flexible. What's the difference between him flopping sides? My thoughts exactly, except I think it makes the RDE more flexible and a more proven pass rusher where a rookie with a Von like skill set can be moved around and flexible to the other side.

And please point out where the flaw is in the post! Cause I find flaw in you suggesting Jones couldn't last to #28 after his health concerns and pro day numbers. Funny..
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