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Originally Posted by winstoncup bronco View Post
This whole "Doom sucks against the run" argument is so ****ing retarded.

We were 3rd in run defense last year, and second in rush avg, and no one gave a **** during the regular season about Doom's play vs the run. It's just that you have people with access to websites that tell them what to think, so they think they're smarter than most and then try to rationalize the loss of the player like Charger fans do.

And for those that say the stats are misleading since we always had the lead, wouldn't it make sense to think teams would start the game running, to limit Manning's possessions? I don't recall too many long drives by opposing teams early in games.

Bottom line is we lose more than we gain with Doom gone, and most people don't know as much as they think they do.
In what will become a running theme for this list, itís not enough for an edge defender to just be a good pass rusher. This is especially true if he couples that with poor run defense and costly penalties. Dumervil mustered only 16 run stops on the season, and his 4.8 Run Stop Percentage was among the worst rates at his position. Throw in the eight times he was flagged, and you have the most overpaid edge defender in the league.

Go check threads after the NE, HOU game, where we lost because we couldn't stop the run. Hell even the 1st game vs KC, all teams have to do is put a wing formation with a TE on Dooms side and he was trash vs. the run.
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