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I don't think I'm buying it. He was pretty poor against the better teams and didn't show up in the playoffs. I don't disagree that hurries are good, but when it's something that is continually brought up as his strong suit, I think it demonstrates that his value was diminishing.

I.e., sure he sucked against the run, didn't show up in the playoffs, played poor against strong teams but he had a ton of hurries!
Apparently the sack stat is the only thing to look at these days? Dumervil had effect on games before they were even played. Opposing teams gameplanning during the week to stop the doom Von combo. He had more FFs this year than the entire line sans Von. When teams don't have to gameplan around a strong rush its easier for them. It lets them dictate their offense instead of making them adjust it. People tend to just throw out the sack number as being most effective. Which by the way was double digit. You ain't getting 63.5 sacks in 71 starts by playing poor against good teams. So we played ****ty teams that entire time?
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