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Good thread, but Von has already lined and played as a LDE a bunch of times in a 4-3 look on 3rd and long passing situations with Irving at SOLB.

Shifting him around to the RDE is not going to create more pass rush but just move from one direction to another.

The much more likely scenario is to go with Wolfe/Ayers as the bookend DEs with someone like Shaun Phillips as the situational pass rusher/insurance and draft a DE in the first day unless you think Malik Jackson is the long term answer.
Respectfully disagree good sir

I feel that you do start Ayers at RDE on base downs, but having Von and a version of Von, NOT Irving, means you can be creative in how you blitz and where you blitz. A situational RDE draftee or FA will be coming from that specific side, there's less to account for from the defense. If Von slides over and the SOLB moves around, it's much more to account for and creates confusion.
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