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I would like drafting either of those guys, and I absolutely love guys that can be moved around. My problem is at RDE. Von well be much less effective there, and the idea of swapping players for pass/run downs is fairly antiquated. No huddle offenses, and the reliance of teams on the passing games means anyone at that spot needs to be able to apply pressure, no matter the down situation. Ayers is a total liability in that regard.
Well there will be instances where teams go no huddle and there will be instances where we will be able to substitute players. Now you are getting into the nuances that are uncontrolable. But either way it will be Ayers on the field in the no huddle, because if you draft a RDE he's probably going to be a situational pass rusher and wouldn't be on the field anyway. So we should focus on how we can bolster the pass rush, and I prefer the flexibility of my idea.
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