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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
A drafted situational RDE comes from just the RDE replacing Ayers on passing downs. Von playing RDE on passing downs and a SOLB who has a similar skill set means you have two flexible edge rushers. Granted a rookie isn't going to instantly upgrade Doom let alone someone replacing Von.

But having Von and a Greene or Collins means you have two incredibly explosive players who can be moved around and you can be much more creative with, that you couldn't with Doom before or strictly a situational RDE draftee.
I would like drafting either of those guys, and I absolutely love guys that can be moved around. My problem is at RDE. Von well be much less effective there, and the idea of swapping players for pass/run downs is fairly antiquated. No huddle offenses, and the reliance of teams on the passing games means anyone at that spot needs to be able to apply pressure, no matter the down situation. Ayers is a total liability in that regard.
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