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Paul Ernster

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Miller would line up at DE as he does on passing downs anyway, just on a different side of the line. The value in the draft in my opinion is at both positions. You can find a solid third down pass rusher in rounds 1-5 and a solid SOLB in rounds 1-5. It really depends on which way our Brass would move. I think they would go with a situational pass rusher and leave Von at SOLB. I just personally like the idea of moving Von to both sides.

Really it's a trade off either scenario. A RDE will just be coming from RDE on passing downs. But a player like Greene or Collins allows incredible flexibility, while improving coverage.
are passing downs real anymore anyway? What i mean is passing IS the new NFL.....( i might be talking myself into your idea now.....)

I do like the option to be creative...... but again is gaining a "solid" SOLB and moving Von gain anything here or will it just create more of a mess by not just adding a "solid" RDE...
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