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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Yet again, your science on the matter only exists from a limited perspective. There are infinite more possibilities that could be affecting the data. You're only operating from one.

The current scientific model that's in place is flawed, its like that on purpose. Just as religion oppresses spirituality, science oppresses knowledge. Why is it that most of the brilliant minds that emerge on this planet are self educated? Because they haven't been indoctrinated and their minds are free. If we want to find real truth we need to re-evaluate our methods of discovery, take out what's not working, not be afraid to throw out the whole system if necessary and find new sound methods. These methods are here and they are being used. The people who are really in control of this world have a much higher understanding of the inner workings of the universe then we do, and they use that understanding to control our minds and to stay in power.

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