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Originally Posted by MrPeepers View Post
Final NY Jets Draft

1-09 (09): NY Jets (MrPeepers)- Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

2-08 (39): NY Jets (MrPeepers)- Damontre Moore, DE/OLB, Texas A &M

3-10 (72): NY Jets (MrPeepers)- Shamarko Thomas, SS, Syracuse

4-09 (106): NY Jets (MrPeepers)- Christine Michael, RB, Texas A&M

5-08 (141): NY Jets (MrPeepers)- Nico Johnson, LB, Alabama

6-10 (178): NY Jets (MrPeepers)- Zac Dysert QB, Miami of Ohio

7-09 (215): NY Jets (MrPeepers)- Jake Stoneburner TE, Ohio St

I did not trade, I anticipate they will trade down as they have a lot of holes to fill.
Specific needs for the team. Pass Rush, LB, Safety, QB, RB, OT, TE...

Overall, I think I got good value and athleticism. I think this is a hungry draft. Moore was on sale in the 2nd, Stoneburner in the 7th.

This a great draft for the Jets. I'm lukewarm on the draft values for Shamarko Thomas, Nico Johnson, and Cordarelle Patterson.

I still like Keenan Allen more than Patterson, he's far more polished and explosive in his own right. But with Allen's injury holding him back from working out, I'm not sure any WR is worth a top 20 selection. It's only 11 selections off from where you took him, but that's a lot in the early first round. So, I'm a little sketchy on that selection, but if he hits, at least according to Mayock, you've got a superstud.

Shamarko Thomas is really just being hyped because of the Combine. He was ok at Syracuse but never great. In a deep Safety class with more proven playmakers at the position, I'm leery of workout warriors. It's a boom or bust pick.

Nico Johnson just does nothing to impress me whatsoever. He has a name due to playing at Alabama, but I have him as a 7th round talent.

On the flipside, I thought you got great value on all your other selections. You did a nice job for the most part of balancing need and draft value. I thought it was a pretty strong draft for what the Jets needed.
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