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Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
If we lost Demaryius for no reason other than to save money, I would not be happy. No matter how much people posted about how we could just switch to an offense that didn't throw deep very much, or that we could just draft a WR that could do everything he could do, I would not be happy.

Our defense was special for one reason last season. They weren't special in the way they stopped the run, and they weren't special in the way they covered receivers. They were special in the way they pressured the QB. Losing a major reason for that will absolutely hurt our defense. Dumervil had more pressures than the #1 rushers on 23 different teams.

We will not be the #2 defense next year, and it wouldn't surprise me if we dropped significantly. Of course it's possible to do well in the postseason and even win the Super Bowl without Doom, but it would be easier with him.
I don't really see it.

Dumervil was the prototype frontrunning DE. Most of his sacks came in the 4th Quarter and when the team was well ahead of the opposition.

I saw a player that worked hard as a three way DE but when teams ran right at him (which they did often and early) it tired him out in the back end of the season and took him out as a pass rusher.

It's probably why he was asked to play more of a wide 9 role this year because it makes it easier for him to avoid getting beaten up in the run game.

He did provide a vital role in our scheme though. And that was to close off the backside angle and prevent the QB from stepping away from Von to escape his pressure.

Ayers can pretty much fill that role, even though he may not match the production. It's more about who we draft this year as the backup that's more important.
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