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Adam Gotsis

Originally Posted by broncolife View Post
My left nut hangs lower than my right.

This book was amazing. This is just another classic book that holds your attention and makes you want to not put it down! Such a good book!!! There are certainly many fabulous characters in this series.There are those to hate (The angry mole), to love (the curly pube), to admire (the right nut), and to despise (the saggy sack and Joff the Dick).Also the army of crabs kicked arse. The list of characters that populate this series is enormous, and it is quite daunting as you begin. As the stories continue to weave together though, it becomes easy to keep track of the characters and become absorbed in their tales. I cried, laughed and vomitted. It was a great book. I cant wait for the movie, I heard it was in 3d.
Interesting, but I'm really holding out for the sequel "Why does it hurt when I pee?" I hear it's loosely adapted from an old Frank Zappa song by the same name.
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