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Well there hasn't been a thing anyone has suggested that has been good enough for you and the Legion of Doom. So you tell me what the **** we do. You keep said the D struggles when we don't get pressure, yet some how that doesn't include ****ing Elvis Dumervil.
Denver game planned the playoffs with Miller not rushing the passer as much and look what happened. At some point you would hope that your 12 million dollar DE would beat a guy that isn't even on a NFL roster to date because that is how awesome he is.
Wow calm down I was just jokin. How am i implying that doesnt include dumervil? It reinforces my point that the team struggles when There's no pressure even WITH dumervil in there. Take him off the field and its less pressure than what we currently have on a game to game basis. Every game isn't going to have fierce pressure no matter who's in there. But it decreases your chances by stripping the line of a player that has more sacks than most on this line will not get in their careers.

And that's bull**** saying there hasn't been a thing that's been a suggestion I haven't liked. Dansby and Abraham would be great. Not in the cards though. The fact they haven't looked Dansbys way is pretty lame though. The FO thought dumervil wasn't worth 12 but was at 8. I see nothing wrong with that. Jared Allen isn't worth 12 in today's NFL. The team tried to keep him and it didnt work out. Don't know why I'm being crucified when thinking the teams defensive production will decrease a bit this year. I got laughed at when I said the offense scoring more than 30 a game will make up for it. Seems like this website should run the dam team with all these experts strolling through here

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