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I think somewhere in this crop of players, the Broncos will be able to find a guy who can come in and be an asset rushing the passer in his first year. I don't think we are going to get a Pro-Bowler off the bat, but not everybody is a Von Miller. Derek Wolfe accomplished big things last year as a first year player and I'm willing to bet there is a player with schematic / positional versatility in this years draft who has a unique skill set to help us get after the passer.
It's gotta be the right fit IMO. I think Wolfe benefited from having dumervil and Von on his line. The FO has been pretty dam solid so far and I got faith that they have a plan. It's not so much who's gonna replace 12 sacks 6 FFs, but rather whos gonna step up when it's 3rd down and force the QB into throwing it in the stands or grass. The little things that go unoticed. Timely appearances during games. I'm not a fan of moving Von though like Bmore is exploring. Don't fix what ain't broke with him.

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