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Bmore Manning

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I don't care about stats in the end, I just don't think this is a top 5 defense without the pressure that Doom provides. Pressure is what this defense needs, and sacks are just the easiest way to measure that.

If Simon gets 8 sacks, 4 FF, 7 PD, 9 TFL, he would certainly be the DROY. Only two players had those type of stats last season, Watt and Abraham. Thinking a probable 3rd or 4th rounder could come in and do that as a rookie is ridiculous.

I have a better idea. Let's get 7 Von Millers, and 4 2006 Champs, and use them as our entire defense. Who is this SOLB you want to draft that is Von + coverage skills?
I will unleash that very soon.. I think there are actually several candidates who could fit that mold.

I want everyone to remember this is my idea and you heard it here first! Von to play RDE and a new SOLB while utilizing the same scheme!!
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