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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I'm all for the coaching staff to have imput on potential draft picks, but I don't want Elway to pick players based on the coaches opinions. JDR does not get paid to scout players, he gets paid to coach the players. I want Elway to listen to the people who get paid to scout the players and draft accordingly. I want Elway to listen to his scouts and trust his own eye for talent. Sure, take input from the coaches because you want everyone to be happy about who is drafted, but you don't let the coaches dictate the player personel.
The seperation between Scouts and Coaches used to be like this even 15 years ago in the poor drafting organizations. However, it is a lot more complicated than that now, and mostly for the better.

The Area scouts determine pure talent and give them a base grade as a player, develop as much backround and character information as possible, and then they submit a second grade based on the system DEN runs. Then, a second scout will independently evaluate that player for both graded portions and double check the backround question marks from the first report.

After that, the national scout and college scouting directors review the players grades submitted and add a third round of independent grades to the player. These are the precombine draft grades that all teams have on a player.

After the combine, and during the prodays the position coaches and the Coordinators get a report based on those initial grades and crosscheck the players. So, a Secondary coach would do his positions and then maybe DE's as well. LB's coach would do all LB's and then safeties as well etc. These grades will also have all the medical, character, interviews from Post season games, combine official and unofficial interviews incorporated as well as their on field grades for the first time. Most players now have 4 grades associated at this point. Overall grade, System grade, Football Character, and Personal Character.

The Coaching staff pays particular attention to the system grade and helps provide feedback to the Area scouts on what they are looking for. They really get involved in that aspect and the football character if they know the coaches the player played for in college. It's a small fraternity, and often one coach on staff will know the coach personally and inquire about the character reports as well. The personal relationships help in getting more accurate information on character as no college coach wants to tarnish their "upward mobile" relationships to the NFL in most cases.

The GM and other Front office staff will be in full player review mode as well. They will have taken preliminary notes on players and added them to the grades. They will pay attention to the establishment of their Draft board and the Overall grades more here.

The March Scouting meetings will be a final crosscheck by other area scouts and the establishment of the draft board will be in full swing. They will start differentiating from other teams here and the coaches will have a say on the individual player rankings at this point. This is where it can get dicey between scouts and Coaches, unless there is a strong GM and national scout. Once they set the final board and commit to the draft strategy, it's all up to the GM to make the picks.

It's why DEN moved back last year to get Wolfe and still get value down the line. SEA went ahead and took Bruce Irvin because they were not convinced they could move to a point where they were able to get him later. The overall strategy early changes all too often as players are misevaluated overall, reached for due to need, and missing team intentions on a certain player. I think it is the most fascinating process to watch unfold and analyze later.
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