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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Never voted for Bush? After you defended him on this board countless times -- and his insane war policies.

This is reason enough never to believe a word you say.
I already explained myself back in mid-2011:

I gave Bush the benefit of the doubt, at first.

But then, as more facts came to light regarding the war against Iraq, and his administration's utter bungling of the whole thing, including screwing up the war in Afghanistan because of the war in Iraq, I came to distrust the Bush regime.

Once the financial crisis hit, and the utter inability of his lackies to deal with it in any substantive and credible way, I became extremely disillusioned with the whole anti-government mantra that's become so fashionable among so many Republicans and the 'bagger ninnies.

We're now seeing what happens when anti-gubmit folks gain real political power - they totally **** things up. Since the GOP is now riddled with ideologues using the fiscal future of the US as a bargaining chip, and are interested in eviscerating government, without making it better, I've become quite disgusted with the whole sordid dogma.

I don't think endlessly growing government is the answer, as some liberals want, but I don't think mindlessly shrinking government, especially as stupidly as the 'baggers and the GOP want to do, is the answer either.

I'm not enamored of Obama or the Democrats, but more because of their willingness to roll over to the 'baggers, instead of doing what we all know is right, which is to adjust (rather than demolish) SS/Medicare/Medicaid, cut the military down hugely, and raise revenue, primarily from those at the top who have benefitted tremendously since Reagan, whereas the rest of us have not - not even close.

Once you realize that median earnings, in constant dollars, over the last decade have increased a whopping 2%, you begin to understand that the government has become far too tilted to toadying to the mega-rich, and we need to make it more answerable to all of us, not just the elite.
Originally Posted by mhgaffney
A carbon tax will not end the use of coal and oil -- just the opposite. It will lock us in to continuing use of coal/oil.
How so?

Because it involves money?

And because the Jews control all the money?

Originally Posted by mhgaffney
The way out of this mess is a paradigm shift in science - accompanied by technological breakthroughs. Dirt cheap electricity is the key to making the hydrogen economy feasible. We would already be there now if Tesla had not been screwed by JP Morgan.
And off the rails you go...
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