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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Not only that he knocks Simon for being under sized and having short arms yet Simon is bigger and has longer arms then Doom.

So let's say Jarvis Jones is there at 28 does Denver draft him and have him replace Ayers on pass rushing downs? I mean going by college stats 13.5 sacks followed by 14.5 sacks. He should be a beast. Then you factor in how he draws comparison to Von Miller it should be a slam dunk of a pick.
if he is there at #28 you run, don't walk, don't trip, don't take a detour, you run to the podium and draft him with the quickness. same with D Moore and Lacy if they're there. each would be a potential BPA and fill a key need.
i wanna see us use two early round picks on DL.
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