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Default W*gs = shill for the banksters

Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Never voted for Bush.

I prefer a revenue-neutral carbon tax.

Care to try for strike 3?

Gads, but you're a total a-hole and idiot.
Never voted for Bush? After you defended him on this board countless times -- and his insane war policies.

This is reason enough never to believe a word you say.

The other reason is your support for a carbon tax. The banksters will end up running it -- and will fleece the people again.

A carbon tax will not end the use of coal and oil -- just the opposite. It will lock us in to continuing use of coal/oil.

The way out of this mess is a paradigm shift in science - accompanied by technological breakthroughs. Dirt cheap electricity is the key to making the hydrogen economy feasible. We would already be there now if Tesla had not been screwed by JP Morgan.

I am not in denial about climate change. I support regulations to reduce emissions, alternative energies, and I oppose the Alberta pipeline.

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