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Recent Selections:

Chris Jones, Bowling Green. I'm not sure he gets drafted. There have been some really productive guys in the MAC on the D-line that don't get drafted. Drew Nowak last season for Western Michigan had 91 Tackles, 21 Stuffs, 9 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, and 2 Blocked Kicks. Not drafted. He was more productive than Jones and had better size. It's the 7th, so draft value is always fine at this point, but I thought there were more intriguing guys to take a flier on.

Rontez Miles, California (PA). Small school safety with a ton of accolades. He's not my favorite safety at this point, but he's a solid flier. Teams know about him and he'll likely be drafted, possibly even higher than this. For an Oakland team with hardly any Safeties on the roster, it makes sense to gamble.

Bruce Taylor, Virginia Tech. I remember when he was going to be the next big thing, and then he got hurt and pretty much went MIA. I think this is a very solid draft selection. Just have to hope his foot heals completely and he returns to form. My issue is that the Jags took him. I have no idea where he will play since he's far too slow to play OLB. Gus Bradly loves speed at LB, speed at LB, and more speed at LB. With Poz entrenched at MIKE, I like the draft value but feel this is a poor team schematic fit.

Dalton Freeman, Clemson. He's not my favorite OC remaining, but he's probably draftable. He would fit in Kelly's uptempo scheme, so this is a nice schematic fit and he'll provide solid depth for Kelce. Might have been able to get him as a Free Agent though.

Ryan Allen, Louisiana Tech. My 3rd favorite punter. But the difference between them is very small, so who cares. Always nice to get a starting caliber specialist in the 7th.

Josh Johnson, Purdue. Second on my remaining CB list. Good solid player. Can play in most schemes, but likely only a subpackage type. I like the value in the 7th round. I do think while he is a safer selection, there were definitely some higher upside guys out there with only a little more risk.
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