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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
I have finished New Orleans' draft and have to say I'm pretty pleased with it despite the loss of a key 2nd rounder.

1-17 (17): New Orleans - Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington
3-13 (75): New Orleans - Sio Moore, OLB, UConn
4-12 (109): New Orleans - John Simon, OLB/DE, Ohio State University
5-11 (144): New Orleans - Lavar Edward, DE, LSU
6-15 (183): New Orleans - Hugh Thornton, OG/OT, Illinois
6-24 (192): New Orleans - Aaron Mellette, WR, Elon
6-29 (197): New Orleans - Josh Boyd, DT, Mississippi State

Overall feel like I hit good value and mostly petty good system fits. Lavar Edward might be a stretch into a 5-tech role but I think he's got the potential to gain the weight and fill that role. Simon is probably a better fit for someone willing to let him play full time 4-3 weakside end, but he'd still serve as a nice pass rusher. I think Sio Moore in the 3rd is real good value, like his overall game a lot. Trufant could wind up being a good value where I got him come the draft, or as a back of the first type depending on if he's the 3rd or 4th CB off the board, but I like his fit with the Saints regardless.

Where I really like what I got was in the sixth where I parlayed some earlier picks into a trio of selections to fill out the lack of depth in my draft pool. Feel like I got three guys who could all go a good bit earlier than this. Thornton and Boyd both seem like mid-rounders to me, not sixth round types, while Mellette is a safe bet for the sixth with a real chance to climb if teams buy into what they see in his workouts.

Of the guys I drafted I'd particularly like to see the Broncos land Simon and Boyd, I think both could find very productive roles in short order in Denver.

It's a solid draft. Would have liked to have seen a Left Tackle and Safety in that mix. Those appear to be massive holes right now for the Saints. You went heavy with the OLBs in the mid rounds, but I'm not certain Moore and Simon are great fits for a 34. Not sure about Edwards as a 5 tech either. I do like all of your 6th round selections though. Trufant in the 1st was decent, if not overly exciting.
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