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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Do an experiment for me.

If science (which is a tool to understand the reality in which we exist) is so malleable, then if you don't believe in gravity, no harm can come to you from stepping out a 30th floor window.

Please try doing so and report back.
When did I ever say I don't believe in gravity?

No. The science on the causes of the climate changes we have observed is quite clear. We are responsible. It is not possible to explain the facts, data and evidence (i.e., the science) without a very significant anthropogenic component. If you have some "science" that can better explain what we observed that has no, or very little, anthropogenic component, please provide it here:
Again your science on the matter only exists from a limited perspective. There are infinite more possibilities that could be affecting the data. You're only operating from one.

Science can be misused, just as (say) a knife can be. Doesn't mean that all uses of a knife, or science, are as a "weapon", designed to hurt, kill, or destroy.

Would you want a world completely without any science at all?
I have no problem with trying to understand things through science, I love science. The problem is when people don't understand what the scientific process really is (limited perspective) and as such they form absolute beliefs with information that doesn't contain anywhere near the totality of the situation.

I'm not interested in discussing fluoride with someone of a "precious bodily fluids" mindset.
Please do tell me what this precious bodily fluids mindset is that I have? I have no idea what you even mean by that. But I am glad to see that you choose not to have a discussion with me about fluoride based off of your assumptions of who I am, that tells me all I need to know.

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