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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
Were you the guy looking to open a auto shop in the northern Colorado area awhile ago? Someone brought it up about a year ago and I was just curious how it went/was going.

Also - really think Hybrids are a fad? I just heard that their sales were up from last year and at their highest level ever. I don't really have any skin in the game, but it seems like high gas prices will keep hybrids around for awhile.
Yep I'm that guy. I'm hoping to get over there this fall. Still doing paper work. Man when you get two attorneys going on something Anyways Hybrids are a fad. Hydrogen will be the way of the future. As of now the they VW TDI gets up to 60 MPG and Zero emissions on BIO. Hybrids 35 to 45 still pollute expensive to work on. They wont cut you out in some crashes because of electrocution. You also have all the waste from the batteries.
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