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Monte Ball

Here is some more good advise.

Never pay for a fuel injection service. Biggest ripoff of them all.

Only do a motor flush as an absolute last case scenario.

Most cars produce just as much horsepower on 87 octane as the do on 92.

Hybrids are a fad.

Shocks and struts. There are **** and there are great ones. If you pay 50 bucks for a struts do yourself a favor and just leave the worn out ones on your car.

Make sure you are not getting charged for combined labor. Say your doing a coolant flush. Part of what they charge you is to take the radiator hoses off the radiator. So make sure if you decide to do radiator hoses they don't charge you full labor to put the hoses on.

Best of all. This is for most men. Be nice and swallow your pride. If you come into my shop acting like you know all the answers and start telling me how I should do my job. I charge you more. You won't know it but I will.
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