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Malik Jackson

There is one thing that we know as scientific fact: Diversity is good. In other words, the more varieties of plants available to us, the safer our food supply. If one strain of wheat is destroyed by some disease, other strains may be immune. Not to mention, the entire natural regime of disease and insects is nature's way of ensuring that the strongest varieties flourish, while the weak die off. Monsanto, and corporations like them, move us in exactly the opposite direction, to fewer and fewer varieties all of which they control. It's a recipe for disaster.

The entire concept of the corporation needs to be overhauled. And we need to redesign government so that it can't be bought. Agriculture needs to work with nature, not against it. Relying on the profit motive as a basis for society is a total failure. You don't keep re-engineering the world genetically in order to deal with over-population. You address the over-population. Crazy ****ing apes.

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