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John Simon is the perfect LEO DE for us. His pro day numbers put him in the top 10 in every category. 40 time 4.62, 34 inch vertical, 10'01 broad, 7.10 3 cone, and 4.42 20 yard shuttle.

He is a second round guy that would allow Denver to still go after a MLB in the 1st round.

Like Simon, Gholston was a guy who seemed to be at his best with one hand in the dirt while he was chasing down quarterbacks from his defensive end position. Both Simon and Gholston played Ohio State’s hybrid drop-end position, called the Leo or Viper, while they were in Columbus, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have the right skill set to play outside linebacker at the next level.
That's funny bro, didn't I just name drop him in this thread!

And you hit me with his pro day stats.. After I told price we don't have to trade up for Moore and that the draft is deep with pass rushers..

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