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Peyton Hillis

I haven't checked in on this thread in a while but there seems to be some bad juju here.

Regardless of who is "right," don't you think every move that Elway/Fox have made has been done with "defensive flexibility" in mind? If the main argument is to what roles Vickerson and Knighton will play - aren't both of these guys decent enough to play everything from a 0 tech to a 3 tech based on the play call?

It seems like we are arguing in circles, but I look at these guys as both interchangeable pieces that can play all of those spots. Neither one is a huge pass rusher, but they will definitely "pave the road" for better play by our MLB. In fact, they could possibly set up more MLB blitzes since they can both eat a little more space than our cumulative group last year. I trust a sack on an a-gap blitz more than asking one of my DT's to push through his man to the QB.

Oh well, carry on.
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