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Malik Jackson

Yeah, 'cause gosh, we can sure trust the USDA when it says that something is "safe."

Actually, what this bill does is protect corporations, specifically Monsanto, from prosecution if their products turn out to be harmful. It is a group of lobbyists buying an exemption from judicial review for a corporation.

“This provision is simply an industry ploy to continue to sell genetically engineered seeds even when a court of law has found they were approved by USDA illegally,” the petition stated. “It is unnecessary and an unprecedented attack on U.S. judicial review. Congress should not be meddling with the judicial review process based solely on the special interest of a handful of companies.”

Many food safety advocates maintain that there have not been enough studies into the potential health risks of GMO and GE seeds and crops, and the judicial power to stop companies from selling or planting them was one key recourse they were relying on to stop them from being sold if health risks come to light.

Besides, can anybody really trust Monsanto, given their track record?

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