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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Also I don't see how states can go over the fed law. Sure obama can sort of ignore it but you watch one day they will crack down. I'm not sure why the feds so against it but if a liberal prez like Obama won't take the effort to change it not sure anyone will.

If a repub managed to win in 4 yrs who knows colo could have dea raiding all their pot shops.
Fat chance. No matter who is POTUS.

Americans Want Federal Gov't Out of State Marijuana Laws
Overall support for legalizing marijuana use is split
by Frank Newport

PRINCETON, NJ -- Sixty-four percent of Americans are against the federal government's taking steps to enforce federal anti-marijuana laws in states where marijuana is legal. Americans who personally believe that marijuana should be legal overwhelmingly say the federal government should not get involved at the state level, along with four in 10 of those who are opposed to legalized marijuana.
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