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Matt Paradis

Originally Posted by Conklin View Post
The Chiefs have made their last selection of the draft:

1.1.1 Luke Joeckel, OT Texas A&M - Solid tackle for a decade
1.19.19 Sheldon Richardson, DT Missouri - Top Talent Tackle with great versatility
3.12.74 Darius Slay, CB Mississippi State - Tall physically talented corner
3.34.96 Vance McDonald, TE Rice - Tall Red Zone Threat with Great hands
5.3.136 Landy Jones, QB Oklahoma - Solid backup with the ability to win games if needed
6.36.204 Corey Fuller, WR Virginia Tech - Fast, athletic Receiver with good upside
I really like how you selected stud daddies on the offensive and defensive lines -- that alone makes this draft an A. I also like the McDonald and Landry Jones picks, but Slay and Fuller are just meh for me. Not terrible, just meh.

You're not done yet, though -- we've got the UDFA round coming up, and you've got a chance to bump your draft grade to an A+ if you steal a few of my deep sleepers....
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