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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I was somewhat disappointed in the finale. It looks like it's going to be an epic battle and they run into a hallway and have some flash bangs go off, run away and then the Governor does what he does and just runs away some more. I don't know. I was hoping for something more clever from either party. Not just going into a hallway and then running away while two people in body army shoot at other people.

I am glad Andrea died. She was just one big bag of bad decisions. I am having trouble thinking of the last time she made a good choice.

There were some pretty contrived moments. Like why it took her so long to pick up the pliers with her feet. I can do that right now. I also don't understand why the left Woodbury. TAKE Woodbury. It has food, water and electricity. It has homes. It had to be at least somewhat defensible.

I don't know. It was like they just hurried to wrap it up. I liked that Rick resolved his deal with Lori. I like that Tyreece is in the camp now. I like that they did the right thing. I don't like that Karl is a murderer.

We'll see.
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I thought the same things.

At some point you think they would start making positive changes, they are going to need a food supply, and learn to think past the present.

Doesn't anyone have a HAM radio or monitor for activity or news? You would think there would be pilots who made it this far who would be flying recon missions looking for others...

I get that the writers want to make a point that we are our own worst enemies but by now there should be some sort of organized civil defense that would be working together to whittle down the walker population as well as gather the survivors into groups.

In a situation like that resources would be key and you would want to build a group big enough to feed and care for people that is not lead by a madman.
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