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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
My "shred of evidence" is that Vickerson played NT in 2012, and I don't expect him to switch positions. Also the fact that Vickerson has played 3-tech before for the Broncos and freaking sucked at it. Another "shred" is that Knighton has shown a little more ability to generate pressure than Vickerson ever has, which would make him a better 3-tech. Another "shred" is that Knighton is replacing Bannan who played 3-tech for the Broncos last year. 1.Good enough?

I don't care who is playing NT. There are ZERO impact NT's on the roster. And there is ZERO chance the Broncos will find one this offseason. 2. All I want is interior pressure and sacks from an impact 3-tech. If past history is any indication, neither Vickerson nor Knighton are impact players at either position.

Who's playing NT doesn't matter in the least. Either Vickerson or Knighton would do a solid job.
1. Nope, theres far more evidence to the contrary.

2. Again, this is all about you and you have no objectivity in your opinion. I hate to break the news to you, but you are not Elway nor are you Fox. Again, as I've said in other posts, just because you want it a certain way or think it should be a certain way does not make it so.
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