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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
PRICE, your damn pictures have done nothing but agree with what I have said. Wolfe is an unbelieveable 5 tech DE in our scheme. Stop thinking DE so simplistic, he plays like a DT, he is perfect as a 5 tech and since you talked him up for the last 3 years, you should love the way he plays and want him to stay there. If Ayers was capable of doing the same job as Wolfe, Wolfe would have been inside much more, but here's a news flash, WE DON'T AND WON'T BE RUNNING A BASIC 4-3. There's a big reason why, he happens to be our best defensive player...

Knighton is a NT and will be a NT in our scheme. He played NT in Jacksonville, he will be playing that position here. Vickerson will be our big athletic UT. Who will do what he does best, stop the run, disrupt the pocket, and chase plays down. One of Vickerson or Knighton WILL require a double team.

Unless you move Miller to RDE, our defense will not be a basic 4-3, and if that was the intention, we would have signed a new SLB and probably would have signed Knighton, rather Bannan as a cheap back up. Something like..

Miller, Wolfe, Vickerson, Ayers,.... Woodyard, Irving, Daryl Smith

But our Defense will not be looking like that. Because Von is playing as a Sam. I think it's funny you equate losing Doom to blowing our chances at a SB. He sure plays big when it matters the most.. I think our offense will be so dynamic that it will put us over the top, not the loss of doom. Ayers will be fine on run downs, and a pass rushing specialist only has to win one on one matchups to be successful, and since your an electrical engineer, you probably don't have a lot of time to view prospects, but we DON'T have to trade up in the first and you don't have to spend a first rounder..
1. Actually, my picture perfectly illustrates the points I've been making. It refutes your claim that "all the Broncos DT's 2-gap". The 3-tech doesn't...which is what I've been saying.
1. I never even came remotely close to saying that the Broncos base Defense is a "basic 4-3". It's a 4-3 Under, which is a hybrid (and combination of both 4/3/3-4).
2. Wouldn't you rather give your best DT (Wolfe) his best chance to succeed in a 4-3 Under? That position is 3-tech...not 5-tech where he has to 2-gap.
3. The only plays I saw Wolfe make at 5-tech, was an occasional run-stop. He would be a major playmaking force at 3-tech.
4. If you don't like Ayers at 5-tech, put Malik Jackson there. Ayers is a backup/rotational player he'll be playing the most important position on the defense (RDE). Great move JDR.
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