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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I didn't say Knighton or Vickerson WON'T get double-teamed. I said they don't REQUIRE a double-team. NEITHER is an impact, 3-down DT. Knighton might get better (let's hope so)...but he averages 35 tackles and less than 2 sacks per year. That won't cut it at 3-tech. Of course one of the interior DL will always be double-teamed in a 4-man DL front againt 5 OL. It's simple math.
he is a 330+ lb NT. his job is to occupy multiple blockers on the OL, force a double team to free up one of the other DL for a one on one match up.
helping to stop the run and freeing up others is his primary job.
if he gets 2 sacks then good job, but it's not his job to get sacks, it's his job to be a space eating disruption and free up others to pressure the QB, help get one on one match ups, clog up the running lanes to force the ball to bounce outside and etc.

if a NT is getting a ton of sacks he's either a straight up beast who is heading to the HOF or pure **** against the run.
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