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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
He's a NT, not a 3 tech. Good Lord son, you are dense.
Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
You don't have a shred of proof for assuming Knighton will play 3 tech and Vickerson NT. In fact, everything points to Knighton being brought in to play the NT and using Vickerson as the other large DT in the middle of the defensiving line. Whether Vickerson plays the 3 tech or Wolfe or Jackson or Ayers is still up in the air. But Knighton will play NT, regardless of what you think.
My "shred of evidence" is that Vickerson played NT in 2012, and I don't expect him to switch positions. Also the fact that Vickerson has played 3-tech before for the Broncos and freaking sucked at it. Another "shred" is that Knighton has shown a little more ability to generate pressure than Vickerson ever has, which would make him a better 3-tech. Another "shred" is that Knighton is replacing Bannan who played 3-tech for the Broncos last year. Good enough?

I don't care who is playing NT. There are ZERO impact NT's on the roster. And there is ZERO chance the Broncos will find one this offseason. All I want is interior pressure and sacks from an impact 3-tech. If past history is any indication, neither Vickerson nor Knighton are impact players at either position.

Who's playing NT doesn't matter in the least. Either Vickerson or Knighton would do a solid job.

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