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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
W*gs has a persistent habit of presenting hypotheses (that he favors) as proven fact. In this regard he is like the pope making pronouncements. Believe it or else.

Meanwhile, he ridicules other hypotheses that he has not even studied (example -- James McCanney's comet model).

W*gs is a born again atheist. His religion is global warming.

He denies that Mars is heating up -- along with earth. But check this out. Climate change may also be occurring on Jupiter.

So that's three planets, earth, Mars and Jupiter, that may be heating up. This suggests that human behavior is not the only -- perhaps not even the biggest -- factor causing climate change.

But don't expect W*gs to own up to this possibility. Expect slander.

You must have missed the memo. We have been shipping cow flashance to mars for decades.
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