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Originally Posted by The Lone Bolt View Post
As it is now. Just not in your neighborhood.

Oh goodie. Since most middle-class and rich Americans are insulated from the violence created by the drug war we should just pretend there's no problem. Good thinking!

And you just won the Most Moronic Analogy of the Year award. Congratulations!

Yes and busting some dude minding his own business smoking weed in his living room sure makes us all a lot safer!

Why do you say that? It's not at all what I said. I said the best way to handle it is to decriminalize possession, use, and maybe even growing it yourself. But keep it an infraction you fine people for.

If you make it legal it opens up a can of works our govt has not time for right now.

i always tell people weed is on all our international narco treaties. We can't just unilaterally pull out of those unless we want colombia to maybe then say fine we don't need to enforce cocoa laws. Our govt has better things to worry about and flooding our markets with cheap drugs could have many repercussions you haven't thought of yet.

I don't however support people being busted for smoking weed. I smoke weed myself sometimes.
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