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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I didn't trust him either and probably would have shot him but I think he deserved one final warning. I also think the motivation had as much to do with "look Dad, I can fight" as it did the very valid reasons that Karl learned from Shane.
Not only did the kid not drop the weapon immediately, he still had it leveled toward Carl; he was undecided and it's not a certainty that he wouldn't have fired rather than surrendering his weapon. Remember, everyone in Woodbury had been told by the Governor that the prison group was dangerous and wanted to kill them.

As for Carl... he was the last line of defense for Herschel, Beth, and his baby sister and that's probably why he didn't give the kid the benefit of any doubt and didn't take any chances (mostly because of the baby's presence with them). Misjudgment could have meant death for all of them.

That said... I was troubled by the way he spoke to Rick. It doesn't matter that he's growing up and becoming a man; it isn't acceptable to talk to one's father like that. even in a zombie apocalypse. Rick's going to have to deal with his son's disrespect eventually.

If the thing with the Governor had played out any other way, the writers would have had to kill him off... and he's too interesting of a villain to kill off so quickly. Completely unhinged and even his two lieutenants have to realize that after he massacred his own "army". But his hatred for Michonne is too strong for him to just "move on"... he's going to remain a threat to the group just because she's with them.
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