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Lemon is a nice selection at this point. I don't think he was the best WR remaining, but he's around that range. I think it was good value.

Not overly high on Ace Sanders. Small and slow. Nice college player but I'm not sure he transfers to the NFL that well.

I do think Corey Fuller was arguably the best WR remaining. Really intriguing skillset. He should be drafted in the real draft ahead of his teammate WR Marcus Davis, whom went at the end of the 5th. Huge value here.

I'm okay with Vinston Painter at this point. Strong, athletic, long enough arms. I actually think he's fine at OT, but he should be quality at OG. I'm not sure any of the remaining OGs are draftable, though there are a couple I find intriguing, so if you really needed an OG, I think this projection makes sense. I like it.
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