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Malik Jackson

Interesting picks here, but solid as they are both high value athletes with upside and little experience in college.

Fuller is a former Track guy who is extremely raw, but has the potential to play ST's and learn the position. He was on my draftable players list.

Painter is an athlete, who played DT and all over the line before finally starting in his fifth year. Strange backround here and why he drops so far in the draft IMHO. Not many guys who stay a fifth year who are not starters previously and then shine as well has he did for V. Tech. He is also capable of being a swing OL for a couple of years as he played OG and OT. Could make a roster and if he learns better technique start in a few years IMHO.

I really hope OAK does not find the talent CBF1 has in this draft. One of the best talent drafts in this years draft Dmitri, not necessarily in value, but talent wise one Hell of a draft
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