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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I saw it live and wanted to post this yesterday but forgot. Louisville frickin killed Duke. Wasn't even a good game really, that's how dominant Louisville was. Nobody is stopping them this year. Might as well crown those kids right now.

The break was raunchy to see. I'm still not even sure why it broke. I've never seen a leg do that with nobody hitting a guy or a leg getting caught up in thick turf. Unreal how that happened on a basketball course on a pretty much normal type of play you see a thousand times a game.
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And I saw it happen but don't think I realized the severity at the time. I thought it was either a broken ankle or a blown out knee as it appeared the leg just rolled up. I don't want to rewatch to see exactly but it seemed like just a case of misjudging the landing and rolling his ankle all at the same time.
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