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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Yes, I do.

Mostly for my kids.
Ah I see. So you must be a smoker otherwise you would have responded "no don't smoke".

Really I could care less if you smoke. It's just a point I'm trying to make. People get all worked up over theoretical stuff, about things with a very low probability of getting killed from (mass shooting), yet lob cancer into their systems 20-50 times per day.

Here's another one. Obesity. Epidemic problem in America. The reality is there is 1 or 2 fast food joints at every major intersection in America. Even worse people feed their children that ****! They are killing their own children!

Global warming. Sorry wags. Nobody really cares. If they did they certainly wouldn't be shoving big macs down their kids throats while lighting a smoke up in their car at the same time.

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