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Wigs....We get you are passionate about global warming but do you really worry about it that much?

Does anyone?

I've been changing the way I view the world lately. As a former smoker smoking is one of my hot buttons.

People love to get real passionate about certain political hot buttons like guns or in your case global warming. Guns will kill! Global warming will doom us all! The reality is cigarettes/tobacco is one of our biggest killers on the planet yet our governments support it, tax it, make money it, and billions die from it.

There is somewhere around 7 billion people on the planet. SEVERAL BILLION people across the globe put cancer in their mouths via cigarettes every day!

I'm not saying we shouldn't try and keep our planet as clean as possible but the reality is people just don't take care of themselves as individuals enough to really even attempt to consider keeping good care of our planet.

Wigs do you think you take care of yourself? Do you smoke?

As much as baja preaches about healthy living he admits to smoking a couple cigars per day. That's his choice and he's convinced that he's smoking quality which will help him. That's another thing about tobacco. It tricks the mind! All smokers will tell you "I will probably die from something else anyway". It's crazy but they rationalize it. Would anyone in their right mind inject the aides virus into their body knowing it will more than likely kill them? Hell NO! Cigarettes/Cigars. You bet they do!

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