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Trevor Siemian!

Of the non reality TV shows that are still going on that I watch, I'd have to put GOT 1, Breaking Bad 2, Justified 3, Hell on Wheels 4, then Walking Dead.

I admit that since season 2 I've been hate watching Spartacus, but the last episode was pretty good. But wish they would have raped then chopped off Nivea's arms and legs, then beheaded her. I hate the new actors/actresses that they've put out there. The writing has also sucked since season 2. Can't wait till that godawful piece of **** is done, so I can move on.

Sometime soon when bored I'll start watching Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men. But I can't list them because I haven't seen them.

But Game of Thrones, man, that is just one of those series that I watch, rewatch the episode again to make sure I didn't miss anything before the last episode, then watch the previous season before the next season starts to get caught up. I wish they would do like 30 episode seasons. I think that that is the best show I've ever watched. Above 24, Sopranos, Deadwood, and right there with Archer.

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