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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
I agree with most of this except the bolded. As I was watching that scene play-out, I wasn't buying that the kid was really going to give up his weapon. He was looking at Karl like he was sizing him up. So, I didn't blame him too much for doing the safe thing. Plus, the reasons he gave to Rick made sense, I thought. So, I didn't see him as having committed "murder." I didn't view it that way. Maybe you could look at it as a little bit of the Shane mentality rubbing off, but frankly I thought Shane was right about a lot of stuff (not all, but a lot).
I didn't trust him either and probably would have shot him but I think he deserved one final warning. I also think the motivation had as much to do with "look Dad, I can fight" as it did the very valid reasons that Karl learned from Shane.
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