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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
It's not terrible. It's not great.

Brown has some legitimate injury concerns currently, if he checks out ok, I think it's an ok first round selection. Probably a slight reach, but who knows.

Aboushi is kind of bleh in the 3rd. Ball is solid value, but I'm personally not a fan of his.

Jenkins would be a nice get in the 4th round. Unlikely he falls that far in real life.

Geathers is solid in the 5th.

I actually like Mellette and Renfree in the 6th. Solid value on both and some upside potential. Probably wouldn't have drafted another QB for Denver though.

I like the late round talent in this draft overall, you should be able to get a quality player in the 7th.
I would have preferred Ogletree in the 1st, but he seems to consistently go around the 20th pick in spite of his off field issues. Brown is my 2nd choice as MLB, he fits what I like in a MLB and I think there is a good probability he will be drafted in the 5 picks after Denver. The first 2 rounds were completed before Dumervil was signed in Baltimore so I didn't prioritize DE in those rounds.

Aboushi was not the guy I was hoping to get, but I believe OT is a position we need to address. Franklin did not progress in his 2nd year and until we can lock up Clady to a long term deal I am going to consider the position to be potentially unsettled, plus we have no depth in case of injury at all. Aboushi is not the guy I would have prefered, I wanted Bakhtiari, I think he is a better backup because of his ability to fit at LT. If I had redo I would have picked up DJ Swearinger in that spot and left the OT position for later.

I think Jenkins is a real wild card due to his injury and limited workouts, he could be drafted as high as the 2nd on potential.

Mellette is a guy I like as a backup to Decker, he is a big guy with big hands and long arms, he is not blazing fast but runs decent routes and I think he could be a flanker running those intermediate routes. Renfree has the right kind of make up to be a backup for the future, he is very intelligent and could help out on the sideline he has also worked with Mannings old college coach so he is pretty well coached.
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